Newsletter no. 4, june 2015

Newsletter no. 4, june 2015


This Newsletter is the 4th and last newsletter to get released with the purpose to inform the neighborhood and other interested parties when there is news in relation to Technocenter de Hunekamp.

The first newsletter was released in september 2009 to inform the property was purchased from Lips de Hunekamp and would recieve a new destination in benefit of Blanken Controls B.V. and IntroTech B.V.

The second newsletter was communicated in April 2010 and contained an invitation to the Official Opening on the 28th of april 2010 and the Open House on the first of may 2010.

The third newsletter was released a year later, which, once again, called for an Open House in order to give the other companies and users of the property the opportunity to introduce themselves.

It has been over 5 years since the opening and we are proud that we have not received any complaints (except when undersigned granted permission to a young DJ to practice here, at that time there was an exceedance of the decibel limit!). We are proud because we realize that we work in a sensitive area and, just as with individuals, nuisance can be caused by companies. And there will come a time when there will be nuisance. But we aim to prevent this.

A new phase begins in which our long term goal is to make the building energy-neutral. Meanwhile, we have commissioned an Energy Performance Advice for the entire building and we have started to further renovate the property using insulation and by installing solar panels.

On June 15 we will start with removing any asbestos from the building. This actually only concerns the oldest parts of the building, dating from over a century ago. Since then the roof was redone but its distinctive shape with shed roofs will be preserved. On the north side glass skylights were applied and the south is equipped with solar panels. Furthermore, the inside was refurbished, creating approximately 300m2 of office space. The remaining 300m2 will be flexibly adapted to the needs of the current users. The old parking at the front was redeveloped.

If you wish to know more or have any questions, please consult our site
Here you can find information on all current businesses, news updates and the ability to contact undersigned.


Willem Dikker Hupkes