Exhibition History Foundation Loenen

Exhibition History Foundation Loenen


In June, July and August, the entrance of the historic building the Hunekamp will be the site for a temporary exhibition of the Foundation History Loenen. Below you will find the press release of the foundation:

To exhibit their nice collection for a longer period of time, to both the Loenense and regional audiences, but also to tourists in the region, the entrance to the historic / industrial building “the Hunekamp” was made available to us as a temporary museum.

This beautiful location in the hamlet ” ‘t Zilven” within a rolling landscape (moraines), along both bicycle and hiking trails (klompenpad), result in a combination of both physical and mental relaxation.

In a very short time will be attempted to establish an exhibition at this location, so we can receive visitors from Saturday the 18th of June.

The opening hours are:

Saturday 13:30 to 15:30 pm
Sunday 11:00 to 15:30 pm
Any groups by appointment, in relation to cost recovery
Admission € 1.50 p.p.

The former paper mill “The Hunekamp” (1666) later a laundry, and currently a Technocenter is located on the Zilvense Beek, address: Imbosweg 30 Loenen, accessible from the Eerbeekseweg, turn to “de Steek” or “de Laak” (at the roundabout).

For more information on the companies located in the technocenter “the Hunekamp”, please visit www.hunekamp.nl.

“Wielle ziet oe graag kommen”,
Foundation History Loenen

(Press Release Foundation History Loenen, 09-06-2016)