Asbestos sanitation completed

Asbestos sanitation completed


On 15 June, we started with asbestos sanitation at the Hunekamp as part of the plan to make the building energy neutral. Prior to this sanitation an asbestos analysis was conducted by ACMAA: Asbestos Inspections to ensure that all work is carried out according to legal frameworks.

Meanwhile, since July 2, the property was released again as the roof was cleaned of all asbestos. Basically the sanitation concerned only the oldest part of the Hunekamp from over 100 years ago.

Further effort to increase the sustainability of the building include improving insulation and the installation of solar panels. The roof will be redone, but it its striking form with shed roofs will be preserved. In addition, the inner portion will be completely renovated which enables us to create 300m2 office space. The remaining space will be arranged flexibly to the needs of the current users.