RTL7 “Doe Maar Duurzaam “: Gelderland Energy Agreement

RTL7 “Doe Maar Duurzaam “: Gelderland Energy Agreement

Nynke Draisma and Willem Dikker Hupkes talk about the sustainable projects in Loenen. In a broadcast of RTL 7 Doe Maar Duurzaam about the Gelders Energie agreement.

In the Netherlands, we want to be energy neutral in 2050. To achieve that, a lot has to be done. Likewise in the province of Gelderland, where something special has come about. Something that is unique in the Netherlands. The Gelderland Energy agreement. This agreement was reached at the initiative of Alliander, the Climate Alliance and the GNMF. The aim of the agreement was to secure the energy transition from below. So the parties involved take joint initiatives to combat climate change. Meanwhile, many parties have joined. The province also plays its part in this. Like all municipalities and regions in the province. Currently, 200 parties have signed the agreement. One of the initiators is Thijs de la Court, secretary of the Gelders Energie agreement.


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