Integrated environmental research

Integrated environmental research

The report of the integrated environmental study consists of a comprehensive energy advice for the entire property. This advisory report consists of an assessment of the current state of the building with advice on how this can be improved. The energy advice is based on extensive research.

Environmental study conducted at Technocenter de Hunekamp

The Hunekamp has been inspected by a specialist of Bongers / Jansen, plans and specifications have been studied and all necessary data are entered into an attested computer program. It has analyzed the current energy performance of the building and opportunities for improvement emerged.

Currently, the Hunekamp, the Imbosweg 30 Loenen, has been marked with an energy label G. In this scale an A ++ label represents a very energy efficient building and a G label for a very inefficient building. Based on the Energy Performance Advice, measures are being taken to raise the energy performance of a “G” to a “B” mark. These measures include improved insulation in the walls and roof of the building, and the installation of 300 solar panels.